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What people are saying about Mulatto Math…

“…wonderfully complex word identity is here in a one-woman performance explored masterfully by Monique DeBose.. She was gifted…” - Jim Metropole (Beverly Hills Courier)

“Very entertaining, cool, and enlightening...a very candid piece that entertains, educates....Poignant and humorous..." -Harrison Held (LOS ANGELES BEAT)

“The first few minutes had me hooked… makes for promising theatrical fare…” - STAGE RAW

“…lovely, bluesy voice showcasing her gift for songwriting…I highly recommend Mulatto Math!” – Samantha Ronceros (NOHO ARTS DISTRICT)

"Still reeling from the power of your authenticity..."

“Every once in a great while this town showcases a performer who pulls tears and laughter from me simultaneously. If I drank, I would have thrown back a few afterwards to feel I could make it to the end of the day, I was that raw from Monique’s story. She has the unique talent to make me feel what a mixed race person feels like and I am Cracker White guy from Van Nuys. This kind of drag it from the gut comes from Middle Passage, whip lashes, motherfucking DNA beyond it say nay. See you around campus Sister.” – Roland V.

"Feeling more alive and vulnerable and daring and curious..."

“Monique DeBose is one of those women who has such fire and power in her, it explodes a room anytime she’s in it. She’s not afraid to speak truth no matter how uncomfortable it is. This conversation needs her.” – Christina B.

"This experience is still rippling through my body..."

“If you are in LA, lucky you. Hottest ticket in town. Monique DeBose is a singular talent with a powerful story to tell.” – Mark S.

"She's not afraid to speak truth no matter how uncomfortable it is..."

“What a show!! What a story! It was raw, intelligent and so well crafted while being so entertaining! Your story is a microcosm of the world’s stories of communities trying to mix together and deal with the pain points. It a story and performer ready for a larger stage! APPLAUSE!!!” – Chita O.

"This conversation needs her..."

Thank you.

This show would not have been possible without the effort of so many. 

Thank you to my husband. It would not have been possible without the tireless love and support Rich. You continue to love me on this journey. I am humbled by your strength, your courage, your vision and your infinite kindness. 

Thank you to my parents, Herman and Maureen, for giving me their unspoken permission to share ‘my’ truth. They rolled up their sleeves and did the ‘work’ of diligently ‘creating’ a family. They raised four children- through working full time, getting advanced degrees and working on a marriage. 

Thank you to Kaleo Rex and Ellington Madiba for going with the flow and making space for mama to take the time to birth this show, her third child. Thank you for your unconditional love and your delicious kisses and cuddles. 

Thank you to all the friends who encouraged me, gave counsel, talked me off ledges, sat through the many iterations of this show, and gave me their honest feedback. Thank you Andie, Mattilyn, Sim, Rebecca, Genevieve, Eliza, Jennifer, Monique R., Erinn, Maisha, Damona, Lisa, Michele, Ece, Sohani, Kelly, Evelyne, Patty, Gary, Yonga, Ricco. 

Thank you to the friends who gave their undying support in whatever way they could- Mark SF, Gabe, Griffin and Kwaku. 

Thank you Maria for running lines with me whenever I needed you to!

Thank you Stacie for your early support- for your determination and council.

Thank you to Josh, who sat down with me after seeing the first two workshops and went through the script with me to help make it stronger. 

Thank you to Harry who sat with me on my back patio to vision what this show could actually become. I will always be grateful for our connection and the depth of who you are.


This show was developed in a 6-month class with Terrie Silverman. Each week I would have the opportunity to find my story.  Thank you so much Terrie and my classmates Lisa, Mattilyn, Maria, Alex and Kristina for creating the safe space to birth this story. 

Thank you to all the mixed people who travel their own unique journey right along side mine- and all you people who don’t identify as mixed, but hear their own story through mine.  

Thank you to YOU in the audience. I know some of you and hopefully, there are more of you I don’t know- I love and appreciate the love you have shown me. It means more than you know. Truly.

And finally, thank you to ME. To my courage, my willingness, my deep love, my anger, my desperation, my hope, my funny, my stubbornness, my confusion, my clarity and my wisdom.

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