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Mulatto Math Press Kit

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Mulatto Math: Summing Up the Race Equation in America is a funny, heartwarming and disruptive one-woman show designed to initiate conversation and heal race relations in America. It explores race, family and identity through the unique lens of a woman born to a southern African American father and an upstate New York Irish American mother.

Performed with original music, playwright/ performer Monique DeBose exposes the beauty, disgrace and complication of both the black and white worlds she experienced growing up amid the political and racial tension in the eighties. The work is timely and still relevant today. Monique uses her masterful skills of creating intimacy and holding space for heart opening to have audiences explore their internal terrain and begin difficult conversations about race, identity, privilege and moving beyond our current state of affairs.

Experience the bravery, vulnerability, hilarity, ignorance and ridiculousness that is race and identity in America.

Monique DeBose is an award-winning, multi-talented playwright and Jazz-R&B-pop singer/ songwriter, who has toured and entertained audiences throughout Europe, India and Asia. Her third album–The Sovereign One–is scheduled for release in Fall 2018.

She is a leading vocal improvisor and a coach and speaker. She has facilitated hundreds of clients in the US and Europe, critically impacting both their personal & professional development.

Monique earned a BA in Applied Mathematics from UC Berkeley and an MA in Spiritual Psychology from USM.

She calls LA home, is married to a Brit and is raising two compassionate, culturally intelligent boys.


MdB Productions


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